Artists Statement

I started taking photographs in East Africa aged 16, and ever since, I have been intrigued by the challenge of how to capture the sights, smells, and atmosphere of the African People and wildlife in a still image. I organized and led my first safari at the age of 19. Since then have spent time photographing in over 13 different African countries.

One can never substitute being there in person to experience Africa. Using my knowledge of living, working and teaching in East Africa, I photograph scenes which seek to capture aspects of the mood and atmosphere one would take away if there in person.

Photography that captures the people, wildlife and landscapes of East Africa in their raw form, cannot be taken through a window at a safe distance; it has to be achieved by full immersion into a culture, environment and habitat.
By positioning myself, and my camera within the subjectsí surroundings, my images portray a deep understanding for the subject, something that is not possible when a camera is looking into this world from outside. To achieve this, one must have a first hand knowledge and understanding of the subject they are photographing. While one canít spend a day in Africa without learning something new. My experience thus far provides enormous support to me in the attempt to go beyond the lens and capture the essence of East Africa in my pictures.

Having spent considerable time and effort over the past few years contributing to community development and conservation efforts, I hope that my images can provide people with a deeper insight into the beauty and diversity of Africa. Encouraging further aid to the 53 countries on the continent, assistance that is entirely necessary for the protection and development of African People and the conservation of its wildlife.

January 2009